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Looking for insurance? We are glad you have found us. Our specialty is Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Commercial Insurance, and Business Insurance. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? We can help.

There are many reasons one might search for a change of insurance policy and/or company: cost,
dissatisfied with service, coverage changes that are not included in your present policy …
Regardless of your reason, we look forward to working with you.

The last thing most people want to do is take time from their already busy schedules, interrupt their plans for a restful weekend, or delay their favorite sporting events to shop for insurance. With Randal McCoy Insurance Agency, you can be sure your valuable time is protected because, insurance—and all its details—is what we know and love.

At Randal McCoy Insurance Agency, we understand the complexities involved with insurance shopping and are prepared to help you navigate the many options available in your pursuit of insurance. Who knows, we might even make you smile.

One common method people use to deal with insurance is to procrastinate and hope for the best. If this is your mode of operation you are not alone. We work with clients every day who come to us unsure of where to begin. This is our area of expertise, and our approach is all-inclusive. Our goal is to ensure that you have optimal coverage for your needs while working within your budget. We appreciate that if the premiums are out of your financial capabilities, it will not be feasible for you to maintain the policy.

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Our Approach Is Diversified

In order for you to achieve optimal coverage in all areas of your life, we need to take a multi-layered approach. We work closely with you to develop a plan that satisfies both your immediate needs and incorporates your long-range goals. Hopefully, knowing this helps you to begin to relax and breathe. It’s important to incorporate the right amount of insurance into your plan, an incredible amount of security and peace of mind follows. This is what we aim to do, relieve your stress and bring you peace of mind.

We strive to work with you in designing a plan to meet all your insurance requirements and to help provide a safety net for those you love during emergencies and in times of great difficulty and disaster. The most effective way to accomplish this is to listen, which we aim to do. Your concerns, dreams and the current situation is important to us.

Once we have established what is important to you, we talk about options, details, and differences regarding each policy. After all this, we answer all your questions, both before you make your selection and after your purchase.

Insurance is not a onetime purchase made, and then walked away to forget about; rather it is a permanent element in your life. As an agency, we desire to continually work with you, long-term, in achieving your goals.

Finding The Right Agent To Work For You

The importance of finding the right agency to work with cannot be over-emphasized. There are many insurance companies competing for your business. Some will simply ask about your budget, and then sell you a policy that falls within your desired premium guideline without ensuring it is adequate coverage for your needs. We too often hear stories of people who did not have a clear understanding of their coverage. They faithfully paid their premiums for years, only to have an emergency and learn that they were not covered for what they believed had been included. Our agents work diligently to ensure your risk of confusion is reduced.

Past history shows that this is where we excel, that our clients are valued, and we want to see you succeed in life. When you celebrate being able to pay for your child’s college education prior to his/her graduating high school, we celebrate with you. It comforts us knowing, you know your spouse will be cared for, in the event of an untimely death; that your home will be rebuilt and refurnished in the case of a devastating fire; and we are honored when you trust us with helping to plan for the success of your business, and then watch it grow.

Our Mission Statement closely reflects that of Farm Bureau:

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan helps to “protect the people of Michigan from the risks of everyday life”. My agency will go to great lengths and work tirelessly to satisfy the needs of our clients, all while being committed to the company mission. Our agency foundation is built on exceeding our client’s needs and expectations.

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"Randy is highly committed to his profession, his community, and his faith. He has an incredible work ethic and I truly appreciate his moral standards that are of the highest caliber. I would recommend Randy and his staff to anyone without hesitation or reservation."

John C.

"Randy has our best interests in mind. He was able to save us many dollars on our car insurance. We are so grateful for his thoroughness and time spent with us to make sure we have the best plan for our needs."

Dolores K.

"I’ve been a client at Farm Bureau Insurance for 4 years. I appreciate the courtesy from the staff and Randy’seffort to make sure all of his clients are taken care of. Thank you for a job well done and I will continue to refer you to anyone I come across that needs your help."

David Conte

“I have been a client of Randy’s since 2013. I have always enjoyed a great interaction with his office staff. Randy really makes himself available and I have reached out to him on many an occasion in the evening or on weekends, and he always responds quickly. I would highly recommend his agency to anyone wanting to have a great insurance company”.

Mike Herr

“Randy and his staff will go the extra mile to make sure their clients are taken care of. I had Randy quote my insurance 2 years ago and he was able to save me a lot of money. I have a client ever since and with his friendly and extremely helpful staff, I do not plan on ever switching...!”

Ronald Campbell