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Auto Insurance

Buying a car and need proof of insurance? Adding a young driver to your policy and want roadside assistance? Rental reimbursement? Towing?


We can assist you with whatever options you require.


At some point in your life, you have traveled in a car which means that you are perfectly aware of all the risk which go along with owning a vehicle. You may be one of the best drivers in the world, but that does not make you invisible to accidents. As a matter of fact, nobody ever gets on the road expecting to have an accident and the bad thing is that in most cases the level of injuries sustained is classified as severe if not critical.  It’s for such reason that auto insurance is mandatory here in the U.S. and many other countries.


Vehicle purchases are generally the second most significant purchase for many people, the home ranking first. With this comes the need for insurance coverage that will ensure you are protected in the case of accident, damage, theft, or injury.


Auto insurance is an agreement with your chosen agency to whom you will you pay the premium and the insurance company will cover your losses, as outlined by your policy. There are three components involved: medical, property and liability. With each component, you are given a wide range of coverage availability.


Many jobs—paid and volunteer—as well as finance companies, have specific coverage requirements. Our agents are prepared to assist you in determining which type will be acceptable to your needs, professionally, personally, and financially.


Auto accidents are stressful enough without having to deal with insufficient—or the wrong type—of insurance. We can help eliminate the element of surprise, which leads to added stress. Contact us today so.


Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance, like auto coverage, protects you in the case of accident, damage, loss, or theft, including liability. Like other insurances, the options are many. For example, should you be one who loves to feel the wind in your hair, and prefer to go without a helmet, motorcycle insurance has a helmet/no helmet component. Although this will have a large impact on your premiums and coverage requirement, not having the correct type of coverage is significantly costlier.


Through us, you will know all your options for coverage. You will be able to enjoy the open road with peace of mind, assured that you are covered for any emergent situation.


Homeowner’s Insurance

Uncertainty and unpredictability is a part of our lives. However, many believe they are invincible, or that they are immune to disastrous events. For some, this may be true. However, it is always optimal to be prepared for any event that may occur. The comforting news, though, is that while we may not have control over everything that happens, we can be prepared for unexpected damage and loss.


If you happen to be a homeowner, then you already know that owning a house is one thing, and ensuring that it remains safe and in a good condition is another thing.


Homeowner insurance policy has a primary objective of ensuring that homeowners are returned to the same position they were before the insured risk materialized (Indemnity). Given the value of the house and the property therein, if by chance something happens to your home it may take you up to a decade to get back on your feet.  However, with homeowner’s insurance coverage, recovery time is faster and not financially devastating as having no insurance.


Most people find their homes to be the safest place to be, this does not, however, rule out the possibility of something coming up that may place the lives of your loved ones in danger and at the same time cause loss to you. The cases of houses catching fire, buildings collapsing, theft among others have become so common. The worst thing that a serious homeowner can do is assume that they are invisible to some of these risks.


Homeowner’s insurance is a vital and necessary tool to protect one of your most valuable assets and eliminate long-term loss. This type of policy is created to protect the homeowner from everything from minor damage to total loss and replacement.


What exactly is Homeowners Insurance?


It is a package policy designed to protect the homeowner from financial loss in the case of physical damage, theft of property, and injury. Just as each home is unique, each homeowner has varied and distinct needs. Your agent’s knowledge and expertise will ensure you receive the best coverage to meet your personalized requirements.


Please note that different insurance companies offer a wide range of home insurance policy. It’s therefore highly recommended that you take your time, consider some of the risks that you are more vulnerable to, the value of your home or property and the reputation of a company before approaching them for their services. If possible, you need to consider the services of professional insurance agents to help you find the best company as well as a manageable deal. The cases of companies backing out from the deal when the risk materialize have become so common today; you, therefore, need to extra keen on the terms and conditions of a contract to avoid signing in to something that may come to haunt you someday.


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Additional types of Insurance we offer :

Homeowner’s Insurance

Condo insurance is one type of insurance where there can be a bit of confusion. There are different components of condo insurance, and accurately determining what you need is not always simple. How much dwelling coverage is needed? Do you need liability insurance or personal property coverage? We can walk you through the evaluation process for all of your insurance needs.

Farm Insurance:

Farm coverage is unique in that many farms are a combination of both home and business. Whether dealing with livestock or crops, the many aspects involved in running a farm create unique needs for adequate insurance. Farm policies tend to be highly customized, as each farm is very distinct. Our agents are prepared to work alongside you in developing the best protection. Owning a farm is hard work. Working together, we can help to protect all that you have built.

Lake Estate Insurance:

In Michigan, we are surrounded by the Great lakes and often a few miles from one of the many smaller lakes. If you are one who owns waterfront property, you understand the unique aspects involved with living by the water. Our agents are available to assist in designing the best coverage for your property, so you and your family can have peace of mind, knowing you are covered for any emergency.

Renter’s Insurance:

Although one might choose apartment living, insurance is still beneficial. Or possibly you are renting a single-family residence. Regardless, renter’s insurance will protect you in the case of theft, fire damage, vandalism, or if the dwelling is deemed uninhabitable. Having the right insurance is vital for protecting your belongings. Contact one of the agents to learn about our reasonable premiums, and how policies can be combined with others for discounts.

Health Insurance

Most would agree that covering the cost of health care is vital to provide for medical and surgical expenses, as they are expensive. However, health coverage can also be one of the most confusing types of insurance. Whether it is inaccurate or outdated information or policy changes, it is nearly impossible to determine the best coverage for your needs.


Depending on the policy type, costs may be paid to the provider directly, or reimbursed to the insured. One must also consider deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance. Unsure what all of this means? That is ok. We do. It is our specialty; and we take our job seriously, to find the most suitable coverage for premiums that match your needs.

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